Extraordinary location

Rich in history

Prokurative was built in the 19th century under the supervision of General Marmont and initiated by Split’s famed mayor Antonio Bajamonti, known for his vision of Split as “citta del avvenire” – the city of the future. The design of Prokurative was largely inspired by the architecture in Italy and closely resembles St. Mark’s Square in Venice. As a matter of fact, the architect of Prokurative, GB Meduna, was from Venice himself and wanted to build a structure that reminded him of home.

Many of the hotel rooms pay homage to the various lost or forgotten chapters in the history of the Prokurative Square. Some are dealing with the large fountain in the vicinity, which was destroyed in 1947 by city authorities as a symbol of fascism and Italian occupation. Others deal with the civil governor of Dalmatia in the XlX.century, Marshal Marmont, when Dalmatia was part of the First French Empire. And some revisit the statue of Croatian poet and politician, Luka Botić, which was transferred to Marjan Hill.

Premium materials

Premium service

Finest materials were used for arrangement of these rooms, including Carrara marble, French wall coverings, German textiles, as well as Dutch and Italian classic furniture. Special attention has been dedicated to saving antique joinery, which has been completely renovated and can now be appreciated restored to its Art Nouveau originals.